R&D and active participation in research projects are core activities at CerPoTech. This leads to continuous optimisation of our products, as well as development of new products. With reliable supply from day one, our project partners and customers can develop pilot series and launch new products in record time.

CerPoTech is or has already been involved in seven different projects funded under EUs FP-7 and EUs H2020, as well as several national projects, mainly focused towards energy technologies such as solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation membranes and gas reforming. We are looking to expand our R&D activity and are primarily interested in partnership within energy technologies and lead-free electroceramics, but are also open for other market segments with the need of advanced ceramic materials.

An exceptional ability to tailor make high quality complex oxides that are commercially not available and our capability of delivering raw materials with the same properties for laboratory-size samples as for industrial batches, puts CerPoTech in a unique position as a highly qualified developer and supplier for advanced materials oriented projects.

Both the staff and the advisory board have broad experience and competence in many fields involving ceramic materials, especially within material synthesis and thermodynamics. As a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), CerPoTech still collaborates closely with the university with access to state-of-the-art facilities.