R&D and active participation in research projects are core activities at CerPoTech. This leads to continuous optimisation of our products, as well as development of new products. With reliable supply from day one, our project partners and customers can develop pilot series and launch new products in record time.

2018 to 2022

Because the sustainable kerosene emits less soot and no sulphur, it meets future aviation air pollution standards. The conversion is based on plasma driven CO2 dissociation, solid oxide membranes and Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) synthesis of kerosene. Synergy between plasma activated species and novel perovskite electrodes of the oxygen separator are expected to raise CO productivity and energy efficiency. CO2 emitted upon fuel usage is...Read more

2015 to 2018

The ZAS Project is a collaborative European (H2020 FRAMEWORK NMP PROGRAMME) project where nine European partners join forces to develop a cost efficient zinc-air secondary battery for efficient energy storage. The consortium represents the entire value chain from material developers and producers to battery manufacturer and end user. This combination provides a dynamic team with a keen awareness of the challenges related to turning laboratory...Read more