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Customised compositions

CerPoTech offers tailor-made submicron ceramic oxide powders in accordance with customer specifications. Almost any thermodynamically stable oxide composition of elements from our periodic table can be prepared, and we offer variations of our existing portfolio upon request.

Powder morphology

Specific surface area, particle size, particle size distribution can be optimised to suit the requirements from your chosen application.


Do you want higher efficiency of you fuel cell? Are you not happy with the performance of your membranes? We offer highly dispersed composite materials of two co-existing phases, perfect for e.g. a functional layer in your solid oxide cell. Our composites have a larger fraction of triple points compared to conventional composite materials. Please send us a message and we will help you find an optimal solution.

Screening series

Are you looking for a series of doping levels within a material system while lowering your costs? Our production equipment is excellent for such task where e.g. four or five different stoichiometries can be investigated within one production batch.

Rare-earth elements

Due to a strong relationship with one of our suppliers we can offer very competetive prices for a wide range of oxides based on rare-earth elements such as La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Yb and Lu.

If you don't find what you are looking for in our powder catalogue, please contact us for a product inquiry with your own specifications and together we will make it happen!

A typical application for advanced oxide materials is thin films. In deposition techniques such as PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition) or magnetron sputtering, a sintered disc is used as the source of material. We offer PLD- or sputtering targets made of almost any material from our product portfolio, in addition to customised compositions. With our in house equipment we currently produce targets with the dimensions 1 inch (25 mm) diameter and 2 – 10 mm thickness. Together with our partners we offer the capability to deliver larger discs and also other geometries, e.g. rectangular substrates.

Our most popular target materials are listed below. For more information, please contact us.