Many of the everyday consumer products employ electroceramic materials for their key components, such as piezoelectric actuators in an automotive fuel-injection system. For the past decades, mainly lead-based piezo materials have been used due to their attractive cost and good performance. However, the use of lead for this purpose has been banned due to environmental concerns (REACH, End-of-Life Vehicle), and a new generation of lead-free materials is required.

CerPoTech has a proven track record in synthesising lead-free electroceramic materials for R&D purposes. We can supply materials of the BTO/BZO as well as the KN/NN-system. Below is a selection of base materials within these two systems. Please contact us if you have a proprietary composition that you would like to have synthesized and we will support you under strict confidentiality, or if you are interested in materials of the BNT/BT-system. For other materials, please visit our product pages.