At Cerpotech, we are committed to deliver high quality advanced ceramic oxide materials that satisfy and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations the first time, every time. 

At Cerpotech, we implement our Quality Policy through the application of our Quality Management System. To consistently deliver high quality products and services to effectively and efficiently build customer trust, quality at Cerpotech is dedicated to:

  • The entire satisfaction of our customers, by offering products and services that always meet or exceed their expectations;
  • The continuous improvement of Quality Management System, by persistently challenging ourselves through the review of quality objectives and results; and
  • The compliance towards relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements, by engaging everybody’s commitment to our quality culture.

At Cerpotech, our strategy and our methods are explicit:

  • Our Quality Policy is reviewed annually and communicated,
  • Our employees are educated, trained, coached, and supervised,
  • Our management committee is devoted to quality performance,
  • Our working tools, solutions, methods and resources are efficient and reliable.

At Cerpotech, policies and procedures implemented within our Quality Management System have the full support of our executive committee, and are intended to ensure that our products and services do, in fact, meet or exceed customer expectations. We empower all personnel with the necessary competences and tools to fulfil our Quality Management System.

Quality is about customers’ trust and employees’ commitment. Each and everyone of us has the power to achieve and maintain this trust through our dedication to the quality of our products.

Anne Dalager Dyrli,